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First Post blah blah blah

Ummm about the RPG, I guess we already started, but I have a few things to suggest:

1. We get rid of all the non-canon posts. As in, the posts made before the game started.

2. That the community friend itself, so that there's a comprehensive friends page not related to a specific player.

3. Also we should make OOC (out of character) posts on our personal lj's. I have to friend Mike and Rachael for this. Maybe I should make a community?

4. Ummm stats? Is it important? Stats as in, "Name: George, Age: 46, etc.". Seems kinda OOC to me to have it on there.

5. Stage directions in the personal journals.
Harry, I love you so much! *fucks* Man, that sex was so good.
As Opposed To:
Man, sex with Harry was so good.

Get the difference? The personal journals are written as if your character wrote them. Not as if what your describing is happening in real-time. That's what the community is for. Got it? Good.

I think I have totally different expectations about this RPG than everyone else. I don't know how comfortable I am with the story-book format, but I can see how it's efficient, especially for a semi-casual RPG. I guess I'll just have to get into it.
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