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I just thought it would be a good idea to post this again, since everyone had SUCH A HARD TIME figuring it out before. *cough*selfservingbias*cough*

Also, the part about how to format you posts will be easily distinguished by the LARGE TEXT ABOUT BASE ENTRIES. That's right.

Base entries.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Final Reality I
by Skye
(and some by Jeff)

PJ - personal journal

BE - base entry. An entry that starts a thread.

RPing - role playing

RP - role play

RPG - role playing game

IC - in character. When you are as your character. Like when you write your PJ.

OOC - out of character. When you are out of character (duh). Like when you post in the mod/OOC community. Posting in the
RPG is slightly OOC but only because you are not writing as your character.

mod - moderator. Someone who controls and organizes the community.

canon - Anything that actually happen in the game. Things that are true inside of the game.

Personal Journals:
You need a PJ for your character. Get it here. This journal will be written as if the character is writing it, as will the userinfo. It's preferable to have user icons relevant to your character, although you can have ones that your character would create him/herself. Or both, it doesn't matter. The characters have magic journals and they update them when they have time to, like before bed or when they are resting. Therefore when you are RPing you can't go 'As Idalgo was in the fray of battle he decided to write in his journal, "Man, I hate those Evil Bears," ' You can, however, make reference to having a journal and writing in it.

Role Playing:
The RPing part, finalrealityi, is written in story-book format. This means you describe what your character is doing in the third person. You are not in control of anyone else's character but your own unless you pre-arrange it with the other character's player.

Others might RP off of your post. After you think that the situation being played out is over you make one last comment saying 'END'. If posts are made after this they will be deleted by either you or a mod.

NOTE: If you want to reply to someone’s post PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS SECTION. If the mods find you not doing this your posts-that-should-be-comments will be deleted and added as comments to the original post. The mod will post the comments in this format:

Blah blah blah.

Mod player:
Idalgothefierce: Idalgo hated Evil Bears.
Ferny_is_hot: Ferdinand was really horny for Lorik’s sweet arse.

Got it? Good. Okay, so moving on...

This is how you should post in the RPG:*

Creating A Base Entry:

When you will be the one starting a chain of comments with an entry, you should use the following format:



Location: Shrine
Characters: Ferdinand, Lorik, Cujorar, Idelen

Lorik looked to the sky and hated his life...
(this is the actual RPing that your character will do to start off the entry)

Location: This will tell you where the RPing is going to happen.
Characters: This is where you list the characters that will RP in the comments. If you have discussed with other players and have an idea of what the plot of the entry will be then list their names here. If you list characters names then RPing will only be permitted to the characters you've listed. If it is an unplanned entry then just put 'OPEN' where you would list the characters involved.

Location: Lorik's Bed
Characters: Lorik, Ferdinand

Lorik breathed heavily as Ferny blew lightly upon his...

Location: Random Field
Characters: OPEN

Idalgo ran frantically around the desolate field. "Where are you guys?!" he wailed.

You comment on the RPG posts in the third person, controlling your character. You cannot comment on an entry with an 'END' comment on it.

You comment to other people's PJ posts as your character.

Mod/OOC Community:
iguana_hunting For all things modly. Also for discussions, comments, suggestions, or just anything OOC about the RPG. You post with your character's Livejournal account.

Races and Character Stuff:
There are five races in the Final Reality I universe:

Elves – Like, super hot. Like, whoa. Immortal. (both genders)

Humans – Like elves but less hot. Mortal. (both genders)

Utar-Utars - aka Evil Bears. These little freaks are short bear-like creatures with a tendency towards evil. Actually not, but I like to think so. Mortal. (both genders)

Wolfros – wolf guys. Mortal. (male only)

Mysterious Human-Looking People – for people who love to be vague. MYSTERIOUS. (only mysterious genders! well, actually, both)

Or if you don’t want to be any of those you can suggest another race and we’ll consider it.

Your character can have weapons and magical powers if you want, and they should be listed on your userinfo page if you want to list them. I think this looks tacky and is kinda OOC, but that’s just me. We will probably fight in some RPG way at some point, but it’s not really important right now. If this changes we’ll post about it on the mod/OOC community.

Your character NEEDS a personality. Don’t just think you’ll get one along the way.

The plot is currently in development. I encourage all you guys to give some input into this. To suggest, criticize, or just otherwise whine, go here.

The communities are invite-only so if you contact us and we like your character (Or just you. Cause we’re shallow like that. Haha no.) we’ll invite you. To start on the RPG I suggest you read the other posts and then just jump right into the action. You might want to make an introduction in the mod/OOC community, iguana_hunting, so that the other players are expecting a new guy.

Swearing, sex, drugs, violence, incest, it’s all good. If we think of something too taboo for the game, we’ll tell you.

Most Important Thing of All: HAVE FUN!

* - Posts that were made before the format was finalized can just be edited.

If you have any questions, criticism, or just like to bitch, please comment. We are totally open to suggestions. The Guide will be updated if anything changes.

Are we good now?
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