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Ok so we are starting up again, for real this time. So far this is what I have for plot so stick to this. We can have smaller sub-plots involved but this is just the general picture, so far...

-Everyone in the area will meet up at the shrine.
-We all camp at the shrine and eat, drink, snog, swap stories, ect.
-That night everyone sleeps and Idelen has a dream that he's in a whole bunch of different places. A.K.A. Idelen = map.
-The next morning the Ingas find us (>:O) and capture Lorik, Idelen, Taytoh, and Ferny in the night. Lorik and Idelen escape the Ingas but Taytoh and Ferny cannot (Taytoh's a pixie and Inga's are huge so they have an advantage and Ferny is just a whimp).
-Meanwhile... the others are back at camp and can't find the captured four and don't know what happened to them. But they do notice Inga tracks so Raye, Cujo, Idalgo, and Tenebres follow the tracks.
-Idelen and Lorik hide out and follow the Inga's that have Ferny and Taytoh. The Inga's bring the captured to an old cave. Lorik (being a ranger) back tracks toward the camp to find the others and runs into them on the way.
-Everyone meets up at the Inga's cave and a big battle goes down. We win and get Ferny and Taytoh.
-Idelen has deja vu and so their journey begins.

Yeah so that is how the plot will go so far, in the mean time while we are playing we can make up plot as to where Idelen's deja vu thing will lead them ect.


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