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Questions, Questions

So what's the structure of this thing? I mean, what do people want out of it? I think if people want to fight or whatever we should have a GM (Game master?? I have no idea.)to chuck monsters at us or assign us tasks or something. I also feel that the personal journals ought to be kept up. This whole thing ought to be reworked I think.

I suggest that in the community the GM tells us what to do and we can act it out in the comments. Or make posts in the community about it NOT in story book form? Like the only story-book form parts would be the GM actual quest-ish part. The community could just be for important things the characters want to say?

Or maybe people want to just have story-book? I don't know. LJ seems the wrong place for that, though.

Anyways, I think we should keep the personal journals. I think we just need, oh, you know, a plot?

This is were you have your say! So speak up!

Jeff, are you going to play at all? Hmmm.

Also, on an entirely personal note, wtf are Utar-Utars? I am going to be so pissed if they aren't evil bears. Misled, I was! >:O

Michael & Erica - All your posts last night
except the very first one should be in the comments. Just try to do this next time, okay?
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